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Westcountry Schools Trust

Westcountry Schools Trust

Westcountry Schools Trust

What our trainees say

During the induction process I found it really beneficial in understanding the methods used for teaching for instance, TLAC and the Metacognitive Behaviour process. It was also a great chance to meet others on the course. 

Sarah (2021-2022) 

The induction was great it gave me a chance to meet the team I would be going through this process with and it was nice to see a different mix of subjects.

Ivybridge Community College was a fantastic Hub School very supportive somewhere where you know people and can ask their advice.

Alice (2020-2021)

During the induction at Ivybridge Community College it gave me the chance to build up my knowledge on policies in school and safeguarding.  It also gave me the opportunity to gain a greater understanding into my first placement. It definitely made me feel prepared and calm for my first day.

Katie (2020-2021)