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Westcountry Schools Trust

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Westcountry Schools Trust

Early Career Framework (ECF)

Our Early Career Framework Programmes aim to develop knowledge, understanding and confidence, supporting ECTs with a range of strategies to help them thrive in their first years of teaching, creating a strong foundation for their future careers in the classroom.

We are work in partnership with Ambition Institute to deliver the full induction, fully funded programmes which deliver the Early Career Framework reforms for Early Career Teachers and train their mentors.

What is the Early Career Framework? | Ambition Institute

Appropriate Body Services

Every school must register their ECTs with an Appropriate Body as well as an Early Career Framework CPD programme. When you register with Westcountry Schools Trust you must also register with an AB service for your ECTs with South West Institute for Teaching (SWIFT).

Register for Early Career Framework

Before you start, make sure you have your school’s Unique Reference Number (URN), as well as the names, Teacher Reference Numbers (TRNs) and personal details such as date of birth and the email addresses of any Early Career Teachers you are registering, along with their Mentor’s details and any Induction Leads that you are registering. 

1. Register ECTs and mentors on the DfE portal

The induction lead should register ECTs and their mentors on the DfE portal. This initial step must be completed in order for funding to be allocated for your ECT. You need to choose Ambition Institute as lead provider and ensure you have linked together your ECTs and mentors. If your ECT is starting their ECT induction in the school year 2023-2024, they should be registered on the DfE portal as a 2023 starter. 

Please note the DfE portal will only allow registrations for September for ECTs who will be in the 2023/2024 year from early July 2023.

2. Appropriate Body Registration

Registering your ECT with an appropriate body is a legal requirement. To do this, please register your ECTs and mentors with the online system ECT manager